LSU Pitcher With Zero Recorded Hits In College Hits A 2-Run Double In The 12th After Epic Lie To His Coach

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LSU Baseball took down the South Carolina Gamecocks last night in the 12th inning in the most improbable of ways. LSU Head Coach had pitcher Todd Peterson in the game who was dealing. He finished the game with a 5 IP, 2 ER stat line and when it came time for him to pitch in the 12th inning Coach Paul Mainieri didn’t want to take him out of the game.

So, Coach Mainieri sent his pitcher out there with the orders to just sit the bat on his shoulder and not swing. That’s when pitcher Todd Peterson started the lies. He told his coach that he used to ‘hit bombs’ in high school.

Well, it turns out that it wasn’t completely a lie because he was hitting bombs but those dingers happened to be during batting practice. Todd Peterson didn’t take at-bats in high school either, he just really wanted to swing the bat last night and he’s a great thing he did because the LSU Tigers won the game 6-3 in the 12th after Todd Peterson’s heroics. He comes clean in the post-game interview and tells his coach the truth. Firstly, here’s Todd hitting the 2-run shot:

Here’s Todd explaining his exchange with Coach Mainieri before taking the plate:

Lastly, here’s Todd coming clean about lying to his coach during the press conference after the game:

After beating South Carolina, LSU Baseball now awaits the winner of Arkansas vs. Florida in the SEC Tournament.

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