LSU Professor Puts School On Blast For Accidentally Paying Brian Kelly An Extra $1 Million

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Former Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly had a pretty good first year after taking over the LSU football program in 2022.

The Tigers went from 6-7 in former coach Ed Orgeron’s final year at the helm (two years after going 15-0 and winning it all) to winning the SEC West and a 10-4 record with wins over Ole Miss, Alabama and Purdue.

That kind of turnaround in just one year certainly warrant the accolades Brian Kelly has received. What it did not warrant was LSU paying him an extra $1 million.

On Wednesday, it was reported that a Louisiana Legislative Auditor found that the program actually paid Kelly over $1 million more than was expected because of double payments to Kelly and his LLC.

The school says it will be recouping the extra million dollars it accidentally paid Brian Kelly through an adjusted pay schedule for the 2023 football season.

No big deal then, right?

Not if you are a professor at LSU who has to claw and scrape and defend himself over every dollar he spends on academic endeavors.

Robert Mann, a political historian and professor at LSU, put the school on blast for being so careless in its spending when it comes to the football program.

The professor continued, tweeting, “LSU seemed to start from the proposition that we faculty members were looking to steal from the university by misappropriating a few hundred dollars, while on the other side of the campus the accountants were showering the football coach with an extra million. madness.”

In another tweet, Mann wrote, “Also recall when the Legislative Auditor sent someone to my office with a list of stuff I’d purchased with LSU funds. Demanded to see it all to ensure I’d not sold it on eBay, I guess. I had every item, save a book at my house. But the football coach got an extra million. cool.”

Professor Mann’s comments, as one might expect, elicited numerous responses.

“And they’re just adjusting his salary going forward, not making him pay it all (plus taxes!) back?” someone else tweeted. “Everyone I’ve heard of who got accidentally overpaid had to pay it back asap, plus taxes their employer had paid.”

“It’s a football team that has a school,” another person tweeted.

Hey, it could be worse for LSU and the state of Louisiana. Just take a look at their neighbor to the east, Mississippi.

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