Here’s A Move That Should Be Banned From Wrestling For All Of Eternity

Luchador Balcony Jump


The WWE has a list of moves that performers are not allowed to execute in the ring. Old standards like piledrivers and shooting star presses are forbidden in the new WWE.

I’m not sure if “jumping off the balcony onto other performers” is on the list. I’ll assume it’s not because it’s just one of those moves that you think performers would go “eh, not the best idea.”

Oh those crazy luchadors, though. They’ll try anything once! Twice if they pull it off the first time.

Check out Mexico City luchador Skyman and his sick dive off the balcony onto three other wrestlers who are IN NO WAY ready to break his fall. Come for the jump, stay for the sickening thud his body makes when nothing comes between him and the concrete ground.

H/T With Spandex