This Scotsman Has 6 Holes-In-One On The Year, So He’s Probably The Luckiest Man Alive

Golf is a lifetime game, one that brings with it a vast range of emotions. From elation to devastation and everything in between, depending on how serious of a player you are and how seriously you take the game, it’s a sport that just keeps giving & taking – unto some more than others.

Some guys play countless rounds over the course of decades, or even a lifetime, without carding one of the game’s finer achievements: an ace. For lack of better words, they’re the unlucky ones. Others, however, to quote Rod Stewart, “Some guys have all the luck…Some guys get all the breaks.”

Drew Lumsden, a 58-year-old Scotsman, is one of those guys. He has carded an unfathomable SIX holes-in-one throughout the past calendar year. There’s undoubtedly men laying on their deathbeds thinking, “The one thing I wish I could’ve done was make an ace that one time, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be,” and this dude goes right ahead and racks up six in a single year. It’s not even fair!


I’m almost positive Lumsden’s number is more than any PGA Tour pro has carded in the same time, and it damn well better be, because apparently the odds of the feat happening are some 183 trillion-to-one. That’s what luck is, though, just doing the impossible. And it seems “Deadeye Drew,” as they’re now calling him, has a whole lot of it when he steps onto a tee box. Maybe it was something he was born into, though, hailing from the home of golf itself.

From Mirror:

Drew, from home of golf St Andrews, has completed his spectacular run of hole-in-ones on six different holes across two continents, reports the Daily Record.

He put the run down to being “aggressive” with his tee shots – but joked that it was failing to improve his scores because he was too excited to play afterwards.

Drew is a member of both St Andrews and St Andrews Thistle Golf Clubs, and the regular player notched up his first ace on the Eden course in his home town.

But he admitted he never even realised he had aced the par three fifth hole until his playing partner suggested he look in the cup for his ball.

“I hit an eight iron onto the green,” he said. “I was just slightly right of the flag, and to be honest, I didn’t even see it going in.

“I thought it might have gone through the green, but my playing partner said I should take a look in the hole and there it was.

Being a member at St. Andrews and dropping aces without knowing it…ummm could you be any luckier? That’s a rhetorical question if you love the game of golf, of course you couldn’t.

Drew’s first ace happened last May, and since, he’s gone on to drop five more at four different tracks spanning two continents.

May 15, 2014 – Eden Course, St Andrews, 5th hole, 144 yards, 8-iron.

September 6, 2014 – Jubilee Course, St Andrews, 9th hole, 192 yards, rescue 4.

December 4, 2014 – Jubilee Course, St Andrews, 4th hole, 253 yards, driver.

December 19, 2014 – Disney Magnolia Course, Florida, 6th hole, 159 yards, 5-iron.

March 29, 2015 – Strathtyrum Course, St Andrews, 15th hole, 300 yards, driver.

April 4, 2015 – Cullen Golf Club, Moray, 13th hole, 152 yards, 6-iron.

Lumsden made two holes-in-one in December alone just fifteen days apart, and I’m over here scratching my head wondering why it’s such a struggle to get it within 20 feet of the pin with a PW from 110 yards out already lying three!

Making a 300-yard par 4 in one with driver? This kind of stuff just doesn’t happen to normal people! Get this guy to Augusta next April for the Wednesday Par 3 contest. Seriously.

Drew, who owns a landscape gardening firm, has been awarded three designer watches handed out to players managing the feat in club competitions.

He said: “As a golfer you know what you’ve got to do, but you can’t afford to think about it too much.

“I would say that you have to be aggressive – you have to go at the flag.”

Well, thanks a lot for that advice Drew, because that’s totally not what I try to do already!

But really, well done, sir. Hats off to you and your incredible luck.