After Getting Cut By Cowboys Over Reported Arrest, Lucky Whitehead Cleared Of Charges After Cops Admit Mistake

Apparently Lucky Whitehead isn’t so lucky after all. Yesterday, the Dallas Cowboys cut the wide receiver after it was reported for that he had been arrested for shoplifting by VA police in June.

After the reports of his arrest went viral, Whitehead told his coach that he wasn’t involved in the incident but the team chose to cut him anyways.


Whitehead told Cowboys coach Jason Garrett on Monday that he wasn’t involved in the alleged incident, Rapoport reported.

“It sounds like [the Cowboys] didn’t buy it or they simply decided — as can be the case with players who aren’t a lock to make the team — it was not worth it to wait and see was he telling the truth and was he not,” Rapoport said on Inside Training Camp Live. “But this would explain why Whitehead, his agent and the Cowboys had no idea about the arrest or the hearing that he missed until earlier today when it was reported.

Prince William County police told a man identified as Whitehead was arrested on June 22 around 1:30 a.m. ET after being accused of shoplifting less than $200 worth of merchandise from a convenience store in Woodbridge, Virginia. Police responded to a call made by a convenience store employee, who said Whitehead ran out of the store without paying for some merchandise. Police located Whitehead in the parking lot and arrested him a short time later. He was then issued a court summons upon release, police stated.

Whitehead failed to show up for his scheduled arraignment on July 6 and a warrant was issued for his arrest, per Prince William County General Court records. He has another court hearing scheduled for August 10.

When asked about the arrest by reporters after training camp practice Monday, Whitehead responded, “I didn’t even know about that.”

Apparently Whitehead was telling the truth and his charges were immediately dropped by the police.

Hopefully the Cowboys do the right thing and bring Whitehead back.

Update: The Prince William County police department have “expressed regret” over the Lucky Whitehead situation

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