Perfect 50+ Yard Spiral Through A Basketball Hoop Even More Impressive Considering This Guy’s Athletic Background

Luis Perez Football Throw

Kurt Warner worked at a grocery store before getting a shot with the St. Louis Rams. Jim Morris retired from baseball, took a job as a science teacher, then walked on and made the Devil Rays roster at 35 years old.

Here’s my point — the path to professional sports isn’t always paved with scholarships, Division I accolades and draft day drama.

This is Luis Perez. A former walk-on JUCO quarterback who ended up at Texas A&M University-Commerce. He’s probably not on the radar of many NFL teams (yet), but the guy should at least get a shot at a roster or a tryout with Dude Perfect.

Perez’s wife tweeted out this insane video of Luis messing around in the backyard by tossing a 50+ yard laser past two lazy cornerbacks (or maybe those were kids) and through a basketball hoop.

The toss is tight, the shot is perfect, and Perez’s path to football is incredible. Perez didn’t play organized football until college. He bowled in high school. That cannon was hiding on the bowling team.

Imagine how the coach of his high school football team felt after realizing his shot at local glory was knocking down pins instead of wide receivers.