Mother Of Spanish FA Pres Luis Rubiales Has Locked Herself In A Church For A Hunger Strike

spanish FA president luis rubiales

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Due to the stunning actions of FA President Luis Rubiales — who uninvitedly kissed Spain striker Jennifer Hermoso on the lips during the team’s World Cup title celebrations earlier this month — the first-ever World Cup title for the Spanish Women’s National Team has been completely overshadowed.

Not only did Rubiales shockingly plant one on Hermoso during Spain’s World Cup ceremony in the aftermath of their 1-0 win over England, but he has since defiantly refused to resign, which has further upset the football world.

Now, in the latest shocking twist in this story, Rubiales’ mother has apparently locked herself in a church and is undergoing a hunger strike as a means of protesting the way she believes her son has been treated.

“The mother of Spanish football federation president Luis Rubiales has locked herself in a church and said she is on hunger strike in protest at her son’s treatment, his cousin has confirmed,” ESPN FC reported on Monday morning.

Rubiales’ actions have prompted something of a revolt within the football world, as multiple Spanish players on both the men’s and women’s sides have refused to suit up for the national team again until Rubiales is dismissed.

“I clarify that at no time did the conversation occur which Luis Rubiales referred to, and his kiss was not consensual. In the same way, I want to repeat, as I did at the time, that the incident was not to my liking,” Hermoso said of the moment on Twitter.

“I did not like this incident. I felt vulnerable and a victim of an impulse-driven, sexist out of place act without any consent on my part.”

FIFA, who are usually the bad guys of the sport, was even forced to step in and suspend him following his refusal to resign. According to FIFA, Rubiales has been suspended for a period of 90 days while disciplinary proceedings are underway.

Rubiales, however, isn’t alone in his defiance as the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has not only stood by the 46-year-old but has responded by threatening legal action against Hermoso and others.

“The evidence is conclusive. The President has not lied,” the RFEF said in a statement.

“Rubiales has said he will defend himself before the pertinent agencies and fully confides in the work of FIFA, and reiterates that, in this way, he will have the opportunity to begin his defense so that the truth prevails and his full innocence is shown,” the statement continued.

In a since-deleted statement, the RFEF also said that Hermoso “lies in every statement she makes against the president.”

Following Rubiales’ actions and the RFEF’s subsequent support of him, 11 members of the Spanish national women’s soccer program resigned in protest, while Real Betis striker Borja Iglesias announced he would not play for the Spain men’s national team until Rubiales had been appropriately dealt with.