Felix Baumgartner’s Bro Luke Aikins Plans To Jump From 25,000ft. With No Parachute On Live TV

“Yeah dude, just swan dive out of a plane 25,000ft above the earth without a parachute and hit this 100×100 foot target! Piece of cake!”

Luke Aikins is out of his mind, professionally. He served as a lead consultant when crazy man Felix Baumgartner plummeted from space as part of Red Bull’s Stratos project, and now Aikins is looking to push the extreme coefficient just a little bit further for humanity.

By “a little bit further,” I actually mean the lunatic is planning to jump out of a plane and free fall from 25,000ft without a parachute attached to his back, and hit this 100×100 foot catch net, which, from what I can infer, might be residing somewhere in Los Angeles.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 4.39.16 PM

And he plans to do it all on live television, right before our very eyes. Not gonna lie, it’s probably the most extreme thing I’ve ever heard of.

Here’s a video depicting the insane stunt, deemed ‘Heaven Sent,’ which offers a better glimpse at Luke Aikins’ career of pushing the limits of skydiving and BASE jumping.

Yeah, it’s safe to say his adrenal gland probably produces, like, infinity times more adrenaline than yours and mine combined, because there’s no way a normal person with normal epinephrine levels in their system conjures up a crazy, off-the-wall idea like this, and finds a way to follow through with it. There’s just no way. Clearly, when it comes down to “fight-or-flight,” Aikins’ body chemistry dictates he’ll choose flight 1,000,000 times over. A total wildcard.

So, from where I see it, ‘Heaven Sent’ can totally go two ways. One, the world watches a handsome, super ambitious fellow go splat on live television for the first time since 1963, except this time it’ll have a little more forewarning and it’ll be the face of the earth doing the assassinating. Option two, though, is Luke Aikins actually pulls this monumental feat of extreme off – which I honestly believe he will – and becomes more a man than he already is.

My inclination is just that someone with Aikins’ level of expertise wouldn’t try this insane kind of stunt unless he was was absolutely, positively, critically certain that he could nail it down with a multitude of practice, and replicate it when it comes to Judgement Day. If things go unexpectedly awry, well, he’ll be a martyr in the name of extreme sports progression. But, if he pulls the jump off as we all hope, then he’ll never have to buy a beer anywhere, ever again.

[h/t Dropzone]

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