Patriots QB Mac Jones Is ‘Energized’ By Bill Belichick’s Decision To Move On From Matt Patricia

Mac Jones

Kathryn Riley/Getty Image

In an offseason marked by several coaching changes within the New England Patriots organization, the recent addition of Bill O’Brien as the team’s offensive coordinator has brought renewed energy and optimism to third-year quarterback Mac Jones.

According to veteran reporter Mike Giardi, who has been closely monitoring the team’s activities, Jones has displayed a notable level of enthusiasm since O’Brien’s arrival.

Jones has displayed a higher level of energy and confidence since O’Brien’s arrival. Giardi’s report emphasizes the continued positive reviews from Jones’ teammates and coaches, many of whom have been with him since his early days in the Patriots organization. They describe him as confident and leading with the poise and skill that they know he possesses.

Furthermore, those close to the team have revealed that Jones is determined to remind the media and fans of his abilities and why he was considered a playoff-caliber quarterback in his rookie year.

The departure of 2022’s offensive play-caller Matt Patricia from the Patriots organization adds an intriguing layer to these recent developments. Patricia, known for his experience on the defensive side of the ball, joined the Philadelphia Eagles as a senior defensive assistant during this offseason.

The reason behind Patriots head coach Bill Belichick’s decision to assign Patricia as the offensive play-caller for the 2022 season has never been fully explained, leaving fans and media puzzled.

Jones had shown promise during his debut season in 2021, where the team relied heavily on their strong defense to make the playoffs. However, in the subsequent season, Jones experienced a setback in his performance under coach Matt Patricia, leading some fans to question his starting position. At one point, there was even a vocal group of fans who advocated for backup quarterback Bailey Zappe to take over the reins.

As the Patriots head into the upcoming season, all eyes will be on Mac Jones, who seems to have found a renewed sense of motivation and vigor under the guidance of Bill O’Brien. With teammates and coaches commending his progress and leadership, Jones is eager to prove himself and regain his status as a talented quarterback capable of leading the team to success.

As the Patriots strive to bounce back from a playoff-less season, the team’s success will undoubtedly hinge, in part, on the performance and growth of their young quarterback.