Mac Jones Reveals Advice He Gave Jordan Love On Following A Legend

Patriots QB Mac Jones

Getty Image / Omar Rawlings

Mac Jones gave Jordan Love some advice on being the replacement for a legend.

Jones followed Tom Brady with the New England Patriots while Love is following Aaron Rodgers with the Green Bay Packers.

When Mac Jones entered the NFL, he knew it was only a matter of time before he was going to have some massive shoes to fill.

His predecessor was the greatest to ever play in the NFL, Tom Brady.

This year, there’s another quarterback that is experiencing something very similar to what Jones went through when he was a rookie for the New England Patriots.

Jordan Love has been tasked with replacing Aaron Rodgers after the former MVP was traded to the New York Jets.

Love is entering his 4th year in the league, but hasn’t seen the field much in the first 3 and is now facing a lot of pressure to perform immediately.

This week, it just so happens that these two quarterbacks happened to be practicing in the same place as the Patriots and Packers took part in joint practices this week.

Today, Jones revealed that he took advantage of the opportunity and gave Love a little bit of advice on following a legend.

“I think Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback to ever play in the NFL,” Jones said, via’s Chris Mason. “So to follow him, it’s just trying to chase the standard that he set every day. Honestly, we’re definitely two different players. That’s the only advice I’d have: Just continue to grow and be yourself, right? That’s all you can do. Put your best foot forward and compete. But yeah, it’s definitely big shoes to fill.”

Love’s situation is a bit different from Jones’ as he has had a whole lot more time to develop before taking the reigns and Rodgers didn’t quite bring the Packers as much glory as Brady brought to the Pats.

However, he still got some pretty good advice from the Pats QB.

Love is very unlikely to be Aaron Rodgers. That doesn’t mean that he can’t have a very successful career of his own and potentially even make Packers fans feel good about the first rounder the team spent on him.

We’ll learn soon enough whether Jordan Love will be able to help the Packers move on from Aaron Rodgers.