So This Is The Best/Worst ‘Madden 17’ Glitch Ever, Depending Which Side Of The Ball You’re On

Imagine investing ~15-20 minutes of your useful time on the hard fought video game gridiron to have it end like this. Has to be either the best or worst thing ever, depending on what side of the ball you’re on.

On one hand, if you’re the Broncos, BOOM, GAME OVER. Easiest overtime you’ll ever virtually coach, hands down. Six points and a win for safely receiving a kickoff. Wait, is that part of the rules!? It isn’t? Shit, Madden.

On the other hand, how miserable would you be – especially if you were playing online with your Madden ranking at stake and EA Sports pride on the line – to have a game end like this? I couldn’t imagine a more powerless feeling in the realm of virtual sporting events. Effects would be devastating on the psyche, no doubt. What if it happens again? *Gasp*

Apparently, EA Sports’ latest release is having quite a bit of trouble with a glitch that seems to confuse what end zone belongs to which team, comically handing out points for kickoff receptions.

And even at times, receptions by a deep man on a field goal attempt.

Apparently, all is not fair in gaming & Madden.

You guys should probably get this fixed, ASAP. Cordarrelle Patterson definitely can’t do that in real life. He plays on the Vikings. Not the Titans.