In August 2016, This ‘Madden 17’ Simulation Said The Atlanta Falcons Would Win The Super Bowl

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The good news for this Madden 17 simulation: It may have accurately picked this year’s Super Bowl winner.

The bad news for this Madden 17 simulation: It predicted that the fucking Jaguars would make the playoffs and WIN A GAME in said playoffs. It also predicted that the Rams would go 12-4.  So can we really trust that this prediction is anything other than dumb luck?

No, we can’t.

However, that won’t stop me from making a bet on the Falcons based solely on this Madden 17 simulation. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I knew I had this less-than-credible look into the future and I didn’t bet at least half of my mortgage on it.

Here is what the simulation from August predicted this year’s NFL playoffs would look like.

Wild-Card Round
Steelers beat Patriots 43-35
Cowboys beat Redskins 32-20
Jaguars beat Dolphins 31-23
Falcons beat Packers 19-13

Divisional Round
Steelers beat Bengals 37-24
Falcons beat Rams 37-31
Jaguars beat Chiefs 20-7
Saints beat Cowboys 24-20

Conference Championships
Steelers beat Jaguars 31-28
Falcons beat Saints 27-21

Super Bowl
Falcons beat Steelers 41-35

Although their simulation isn’t even close to reality, they almost got the Super Bowl matchup correct. And that’s gotta count for something, right?  RIGHT!!!! I’m take the Falcons at +3. And I’d doing it All. Day. Long.


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