A New Madden Glitch Completely Screwed This Bro Out Of A Win And He Lost His Damn Mind

Watch as one bro’s life completely unravels from the torture that is Madden (and the glitches within Madden). This is one of those perfect YouTube videos where it starts off hot and continues to build a strong crescendo on up to ‘complete and utter meltdown’. He’s playing in the Super Bowl as the Cleveland Browns, quite possibly the worst team in the history of the NFL, and he’s playing against the Arizona Cardinals, another one of team that should just be cut from the NFL entirely. So the premise of this Madden video’s already hilarious enough before you even get to the meltdown and/or the glitches.

We’ve been documenting the glitches in the latest version of Madden pretty exhaustively here on BroBible over the last week or so, and while the jury’s out on whether this is from the new Madden 16 or not, I gotta think that this glitch is the most infuriating one so far because it’s somehow so much more than just on glitch. Somehow this bro (playing as the Browns) is able to make an interception in the end zone, then the defender’s arm is completely bent in half, a move that’d take him immediately down to the ground, but then the bro falls down at the goal line and that’s when sh*t gets weird: the ref runs in out of nowhere and signals a SAFETY!?!?!? He loses the game on this play, on this non-safety that the ref’s calling a safety. This asinine Madden glitch has caused this bro’s life to completely unravel because the defender was somehow down then up then forced back down and back into the end zone.

Sh*t like this is why I don’t have the nerves to play games like Madden. I prefer games where you benefit from glitches, like Mario or Tony Hawk, not glitches that cause atomic meltdowns.