MLB’s Having ‘Snapchat Day’ For Players To Post From Dugouts During Games For A Dope Fan Experience

by 4 years ago

David Ortiz selfie

Baseball might be known as the American Pastime thanks to its rich history, but MLB just upped its game by announcing a “Snapchat Day” for players to post pics and videos during games for fans to see what it’s really like inside a team’s dugout.

Taking place during spring training on Friday, March 11th, players across the league will have access to a “SnapBat” and their personal phones, which should make for an interesting Snapchat story for sure.

MLB, which announced a partnership with Snapchat last May, is taking things to a new level, giving access that sports fans have never seen before and proving that they’re unafraid to push the envelope to provide great and original content.

While it’s “only” a spring training game and not in the regular season or playoffs, this is going to be awesome, so here’s to hoping players get creative and knock it out of the park.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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