This Mako Shark REALLY Does Not Want To Be Caught, Does Craziest Back Flips You’ll Ever See

This footage of an acrobatic mako shark going nuts has been plastered all over the local news stations here in Florida over the past 24 hours. People are losing their minds over this shark’s backflips, and the equally insane reaction from the 3 bros fishing out of Indian Rocks, Florida (near Tampa).

Mako sharks aren’t exactly uncommon in the deep waters off of Florida’s Wast Coast, you’re more likely to encounter them up in the Panhandle or on Florida‘s East Coast, but they are by no means a common species. If you’re planning a fishing trip and targeting mako sharks you’re best chances to hook up with one of these high-flying sharks is to head to San Diego, California, or if you’re on the East Coast of the U.S. then Montauk or Rhode Island will suffice.

This mako shark hooked off Indian Rocks Beach weighs an estimated 1,200-pounds, and measures 14-feet-long. So this is no guppy, it’s 100% an apex predator. To see this shark jump 20-feet into the air is a mind-boggling feat.

You can search YouTube for ‘mako shark jumping’ and see thousands of videos of these sharks going batshit crazy, jumping high out of the water, and treating anglers to all sorts of aerial displays. They’re easily the most acrobatic species of shark targeted by anglers, and unfortunately for mako sharks, they’re also a species often targeted as food.

I can’t say that I’d react any differently than these three Florida bros losing their goddamn minds over this back-flipping shark. In fact, I’d probably be screaming louder than any of them. I’ve been fishing the Gulf Coast of Florida for my entire life, mostly the region from Boca Grande Pass on up to Tampa Bay, and I’ve never hooked up with a mako shark. These bros were most certainly treated to the acrobatic display of a lifetime, and I’m definitely jealous of their day on the water.

[h/t MYFOX8]