Man Accidentally Bets 200 Instead Of 20, Ends Up Winning BIG On The Ponies

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This is a problem, albeit a fortunate one in this case, that’s unique to our generation due to the rise of e-gambling. Anywhere from 30 to 300 years ago you wouldn’t have ‘accidentally added a zero’ to the end of your bet when dealing directly with a casino or a bookie.

However, shit happens sometimes when placing a bet online. If you’ve got clumsy fingers like I do then you might fiind an exxtra lettter here orr there sometimes. This British bro named Alex Blackwell was placing bets on the Grand National, a recent horse race in the UK which was won by a Scottish horse for only the second time in history.

Alex Blackwell says he usually wagers £30-£40 ($37.30-$49.74) each year on the Grand National but this year he accidentally added an extra zero when placing a £20 wager on a 16-to-1 horse and bet £200 ($248.70).

Alex realized that he’d fucked up while scanning his bets after the race and began to panic, praying to god that he’d placed the accidental £200 wager on One For Arthur, the Scottish horse which won the crown. He did. And instead of winning $397 for a £20 bet, Alex won $2736 for his £200 bet and has been living on cloud nine ever since.

According to The Lad Bible, Alex is saving up to buy a new car so all of his unexpected winnings will be saved to go towards a down payment on that.

In unrelated news, I’ll be in Las Vegas in a few weeks during the Kentucky Derby. If any of you bros want to just Venmo me money so I can make accidental bets I’ll be more than happy to take your money.

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