Manny Ramirez Jr. Is Hitting Massive Bombs With A Swing That Is Identical To His 12-Time All-Star Dad

Manny Ramirez Jr.

Manny Ramirez Jr.

  • Manny Ramirez Jr. is an uncommitted class of ’22 baseball prospect.
  • His swing looks exactly like his dad’s and he’s hitting big home runs.
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Few swings in baseball are more recognizable than that of Manny Ramirez. The two-time World Series champion was an All-Star in 12 of his 19 seasons in the MLB and won nine Silver Slugger Awards in the process. His one-handed follow-through is uniquely his own and looks nothing like that of any swing to come before or after him. Until now, that is.

Ramirez, who has three baseball-playing sons, passed his distinctive finish down to his bloodline. The eldest, from a previous relationship, is named after his father and played for the University of San Francisco before playing independent league ball. The youngest is 15 years old.

The middle child, Manuelito, also goes by “Manny” and is starting to gain some serious attention about his playing prospects. It’s easy to see why— his swing is identical to his father’s.

Over the weekend, a video began to circulate of Manny Jr. playing for his club, the Grind Time Clowns out of West Palm Beach, Florida. After taking the first pitch, Manny Sr. tells his son (in Spanish) to wait on a fastball. He took the next pitch VERY deep.

The towering home run was 90 miles per hour off of the bat and carried 350 feet. Just like his old man, Manny Jr.’s hands engaged early, he got on plane with the ball and fired the barrel at the perfect time. Of course, the one-hand wrap around is the most notable similarity.

Manny Ramirez Jr. Swing

It’s a near splitting image.

Manny Jr. is currently uncommitted as part of the 2022 recruiting class, but he will surely pick up at least a few offers on name alone. However, if the 17-year-old can keep hitting, he may garner looks from more profound universities, or find his name on the draft board straight out of high school.

Regardless of what happens, we could watch his swing on loop for hours.

Let the hype begin!