Manti Te’o Has A Fitness-Crazed Girlfriend And She’s Definitely Real As The Couple Is Very Instagram Official

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Manti Teo Has A Girlfriend Jovi Nicole Engbino And Shes Real

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One of the best internet stories of all time happened back in 2012 when Manti Te’o, then a award-winning linebacker for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, went viral for a story about how devasated he was when his girlfriend, Lennay Marie Kekua, died in the run-up to the team’s loss in the BCS National Championship Game.

Te’o, who finished second in the Heisman Trophy race that year, was the center of attention in the college football world for the poignant way the superstar was handling his girlfriend’s tragic death from leukemia.

There was just one (big) problem. Deadspin (R.I.P.) did some digging and found out that Lennay Kekua didn’t actually exist.

Turns out the linebacker had been big-time catfished (by a guy) and then continued to lie about it.

Like I said, it was one of the best internet stories of all time. It truly was the gift that kept on giving.

Fast forward to 2019 and Manti Te’o, now 28 and with six seasons in the NFL under his belt (he is currently unsigned), actually got himself a real-life girlfriend he’s reportedly been dating since 2016 named Jovi Nicole Engbino.

And seeing how she has made them very Instagram offical this year, it looks like things are getting pretty serious.

“It’s a forever thing πŸ’˜,” Engbino wrote alonside a photo of the couple.

Engbino lists herself on Instagram as a microblade artist, a beauty consultant, and a fitness coach at the Point Loma Sports Club in San Diego, where Te’o played from 2013 to 2016. She is followed on the social media platform by Johnny Manziel’s ex-wife Bre Tiesi, so she’s also got that going for her, which is nice.

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Girl definitely works out. Hard.

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