Map Shows Which NFL Team Each State Thinks Will Win This Year’s Super Bowl

by 3 years ago

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The NFL season is set to kickoff this weekend—well, if you count preseason games as the official start—so it means that every guy is already dreaming of slobberknocking collisions and tailgating heaven.

And while watching football is just a few days away, Super Bowl predictions are always fun because, let’s face it, you can never sound too crazy with your guess—unless you think the Cleveland Browns will win, because that’s just idiotic.

Our good friends over at surveyed 10,000 NFL fans, with at least 200 from each U.S. state, to see who they believe will win this year’s Lombardi Trophy, with these being the results.


Some fans went with the in-state franchise, but most of them went with the serious contenders, with the Green Bay Packers the favorites, coming out on top with 11 votes.

Who really knows who’s going to win it all, but it’ll be fun to watch from start to finish.

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