Blink And You’ll Miss This Bro Set The Maple Syrup Speed Chugging Guinness World Record

Competitive eating champion L.A. Beast (Kevin Strahle) just demolished the Guinness World Record for speed chugging maple syrup. The previous Guinness World Record for ‘fastest time drinking a bottle of maple syrup’ stood at 26 seconds. Frankly, that seems like it was a VERY beatable world record based on the chugging we all witnessed in Super Troopers. So while this was an incredibly impressive record-setting feat because he more than halved the previous world record, it was a very vulnerable record to breaking.

New York-based L.A. Beast glugged his way into the record books by downing an entire bottle of maple syrup in only 10.84 seconds. That time is something I’m still having trouble wrapping my mind around. I’m not entirely sure that I’ve consumed an entire bottle of maple syrup over the cumulative course of my life, and this bro just downed one faster than it would take most people to chug a liter of beer.

This is no mere mortal we’re talking about, however, this is L.A. Beast. The man who recently ate lightbulbs. He once drank an entire gallon of honey WHILE HIS FACE WAS COVERED IN BEES. Most impressively, was his now infamous Ghost Pepper challenge where L.A. Beast consumed 26 Ghost Peppers in one sitting, a feat that left him looking like he was going to die. Kevin Strahle actually mentioned that Ghost Pepper challenge in this video above, remarking ‘that was probably the worst thing I’ll ever attempt here.’…Ghost peppers, not even once.