Ballsiest Baseball Fan Known To Man Rushes The Field DURING The Middle Of A Play



It takes a hell of a lot of balls—and/or alcohol—for a baseball fan at a game to even consider rushing the field, let alone do it while a play is actually happening. That didn’t seem to matter to this guy, though, who actually leaped over the outfield wall and ran onto the field while a fly ball was going on.

No joke.

Wearing what appeared to be the most patriotic jacket known to man, the guy was promptly tackled and cuffed by security, but the look on the players’ faces tells it all—what in the fuck just happened?



At least some M’s fans were cheering the guy on as he made the most daring dash of his life:

Just a reminder, weed’s legal in the state of Washington, but I’ll go ahead and avoid speculation. I just hope the overnight jail time was worth it for the dude.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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