Mario Balotelli Aims a Gun at Haters, Somehow Gets Attention

Mario Balotelli is one of the most exciting players in all of soccer. On top of that, he has a personality which is equal parts Ron Artest and Johnny Manziel. Despite this, he’s often curious how he ends up in the spotlight with such regularity.

He’s famous for asking, “why always me?

Well, Mario, it’s because of stuff like this.

The hair dye enthusiast posted this not-too-subtle message to his haters on Instagram earlier today.

Yeah, maybe a bit controversial. But this is how you social media. You don’t brush fine strokes when you could dump a truckload of paint over your canvas.

Balotelli eventually deleted the point-blank shot after earning a few more “haters.” This was likely his goal, although, you can never tell with this guy.

[H/T: Barstool Sports]