Mark Cuban Never Forgets Foolish Reporting, Calls Chris Broussard An Idiot

The Mavs are hosting the Clippers tonight. So, naturally, all day long we were forced to relive the infamous DeAndre Jordan/Mark Cuban summer drama pretty much everywhere, particularly as it pertained to their lengthy text exchange and the possibility of Cuban releasing said conversation at a later date. But we all know how that story ended.

We also know that during all the “juicy” drama, ESPN’s Chris Broussard was the jackass who carelessly tweeted an absurd report, claiming Cuban was driving around Houston desperately seeking DeAndre Jordan’s home address in a last ditched effort to change his mind.*

Broussard would later apologize:

Mark Cuban Chris Broussard

Unfortunately, Mark Cuban isn’t wired to forget. Hence, crowning Chris Broussard “an idiot” and, while doing so, adding an extra dig by referencing his “sources,” something Broussard never bothered to use. Just expertly done.

This is the type of condescending, back-handed quote that would make George Steinbrenner — the king of slapping clowns — exceedingly proud.

[*Despite no evidence of it being true, the report managed to paint a pretty hilarious image of a sweaty, unhinged Mark Cuban running red lights all over Houston on a wild solo mission to secure the coveted center.]

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