Pro Surfer Mark Healey Lands A Huge Wahoo While Spearfishing From A JetSki Off Oahu

Wahoo fish known as Ono in Hawaii

iStockphoto / Luis Beristain

Deep-water spearfishing for wahoo from a JetSki in Hawaii is a thrill I have yet to experience firsthand. Thankfully, I’m able to live vicariously through infamous big-wave surfer Mark Healey.

Hawaii is arguably the best place in the world to live if you’re an all-around waterman. Pro surfer Mark Healey was raised on Oahu’s North Shore, one of the best-known surfing destinations on planet Earth.

Growing up on the North Shore helped Mark Healey become one of the most legendary names in Big Wave Surfing but it also led him down a path of deep water spearfishing, free diving, sky diving, filmmaking, a job as a stuntman, and other extreme pursuits.

Mark Healey has a growing YouTube channel where he just uploaded a video of his latest deep-water wahoo spearfishing adventure. Healey left Oahu on a JetSki and returned with a massive Wahoo (fish), or as it’s locally known in Hawaii, an Ono.

The wahoo spearfishing action kicks off around the 3-minute point in the video. You can skip the intro and jump to the wahoo spearfishing by hitting the ‘play’ button below.

Healey is no stranger to spearfishing adventures in Hawaii:

Here is another massive wahoo landed on a spearfishing trip:

Part of what makes spearfishing for wahoo so special is it’s one of the fastest fish in the ocean. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, wahoo can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour in the ocean.

If there was any sign from the universe that you (or I) need to take a trip to Hawaii and spend 90% of the time in the water, this is it. A week or two-long trip bouncing around islands fishing, surfing, spearfishing, eating, and respecting the locals is just the kind of chicken soup a lot of souls could use heading into Summer.

Long-time BroBible readers out there know the wahoo is a species of fish I highly revere. I have the wahoo ranked as the 4th Best-Tasting Fish in the World.

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