Mark Wahlberg On Whether Or Not Tom Brady Deflated Balls: ‘That’s Ridiculous, He’s Got Beautiful Balls’

Mark Wahlberg appeared on the TODAY Show this morning to promote his upcoming movie Ted 2, and was interviewed by Matt Lauer. During the interview they discussed everything from why Ted 2 is the first sequel Mark’s chosen to pursue in his career to the close friendship between Tom Brady and Mark Wahlberg. Apparently after #Deflategate Mark Wahlberg picked up his phone and called Tom directly to discuss the allegations, because they’re that close. One thing they discussed was whether or not Mark believes Tom Brady deflated balls to gain a competitive advantage, to which Mark responded with “that’s ridiculous, he’s got beautiful balls.”

Boom, drop the mic.

Now THAT’S how you put a story to rest. HUGE SHOUT OUT to A. Isaac at UPROXX for grabbing this clip in record time!