Mark Wahlberg Is Totally Cool With Giving Conor McGregor Some Of His Equity In The UFC

by 2 years ago

After his record-smashing victory over Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, Conor McGregor vocally chided the UFC and its ownership, William Morris Endeavor, for not giving him an equity stake in the company. Business-wise, it’s unprecedented and absurdly shortsighted for a sports league like the NFL or NBA giving ownership to its biggest talent draw while still competitive in the league. But that doesn’t mean there’s not another way for Conor to get what he wants.

Speaking to TMZ, Mark Wahlberg said he’ll happily sell Conor a piece of his stake in the UFC if he “cuts the check.” Marky Mark adds that he’s “the face of the UFC right now”, but adds that “in business you have to cut the check.” Have to imagine Conor isn’t going to jump at that offer (…he strikes me as more of a sweat equity kind of guy), but still — the offer is on the table if he wants to start using some of his fight purse to gradually get ownership in the company.

Wahlberg’s commentary aside, I have two more things to add: (1. Damn his flow is luscious these days and (2. “You Scratch my paint your paying for it” is the most Marky Mark thing I’ve heard since he was confused for Matt Damon years ago.


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