Bros Go Marlin Fishing In Costa Rica, Capture Ridiculous Footage Using Drone

by 4 years ago

There’s ‘great fishing’ and then there’s fishing out of Los Sueños Marina in Costa Rica. Los Sueños is one of the top marinas in the world for marlin and sailfish, possibly only being bested by Tropic Star Lodge in Panama.

I don’t know who these bros are in the video, but I’d love to meet them. As the video opens up to them flying to Costa Rica on a private jet, en route to a multi-day fishing trip, I think it’s safe to say that I’d get along swimmingly with these bros. The description of the video lists that in two days of fishing this crew, fishing aboard the Miss Behavin’, went 22 for 36 on Blue Marlin (a charter fishing boat well known to catch A LOT of fish). That is to say that they hooked up to 36 Blue Marlin, and successfully ‘landed’ 22 of them, meaning they either got the fish to the boat side, or the first made reached the leader, which counts as a catch when fishing for marlin.

And HOLY SHIT is 22 for 36 an epic two days of fishing, one that would be envied by any fisherman in the world, but what’s so incredible about this video is how they shot it using a drone. In the past few years we’ve begun to see some surfing footage shot with drones, but I don’t recall a video quite like this until now. The perspective that they’re fighting those marlin is something I just can’t look away from, and if you’re a fisherman chances are you won’t be able to either.

Field & Stream Magazine were the first to come across this video, and they suggest if you want to skip the private jet + marina parts and get straight to the fishing action, to jump ahead to 1:09

Holy shit I want to go back to Los Sueños so badly right now! I had the opportunity to go fishing on the ‘Dream II’ down there back in 2007, and we went 3 for 3 on Blue Marlin in the middle of the Summer, when the marlin fishing was at its slowest….and that’s it, I’m booking a trip for next January when the Marlin bite picks up to full steam. Who’s coming with me?

And if you still need more drone fishing footage, check out this video of redfish action in Louisiana:

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