Seattle Weed Grower Has New Strain Named After Marshawn Lynch



People in the Seattle area have had access to a strain of marijuana named after Marshawn Lynch for the past year. But a new and improved strain is out — just in time for the Super Bowl.

TMZ spoke to the product’s creator, Nate “Diggity” Johnson, who said great public demand is to thank for version 2.0.

…the original “Beastmode” strain sold so well last year, growers wanted to up the ante with a more powerful strain in the hopes the Seahawks would get back to the Super Bowl.

The bet paid off … and “Diggity” says the new stuff (called Beastmode 2.0) has 5% more THC than last year’s Beastmode weed — which flew off the shelves.

“It’s a super pain reliever,” Diggity says … “And hits you just like Marshawn — hard and fast.”

What Johnson didn’t say is that it also gets you so high you cannot fulfill your media obligations. And when you smoke it, you can’t stop grabbing your junk.

If you’re all about that action, it seems like the perfect party favor for your Super Bowl get-together.

[H/T: TMZ]