Marshawn Lynch Purchased A Customized Jeep That’s All Beast Mode Everything

Marsahwn Lynch custom Beast Mode Jeep

Marshawn Lynch just added the perfect car to his collection in the form of a Jeep that’s truly one of a kind. You can call it a souped-up Jeep Wrangler all you want, but this one is especially unique at just about every turn.

“Beast Mode” has obviously been placed prominently above the grill — Lynch lives for grills — just so you know exactly who’s coming, along with terrifying headlights that seamlessly fit the part, and accents of lime green all over the place, presumably paying homage to both the Seahawks and the now deceased lime-flavored Skittles.

Marsahwn Lynch Beast Mode Jeep

Twitter - Bleacher Report

As you can see, various versions of Lynch’s logo have been slapped on the doors and near the lights, but the wheels have surprisingly been left alone, save for the unmistakable green rims.

If you find yourself suddenly thinking “monster truck show,” you’re most certainly not alone.

Marshawn Lynch Jeep looks like Gravedigger

Monster Truck Wiki

Gravedigger’s definitely hearing some footsteps.

[H/T Bleacher Report]