Marshawn Lynch Crashed Tailgate Parties, The Souvenir Shop, And The Sidelines During Sunday Night’s Game

I don’t know about you, but I miss having Marshawn Lynch in the NFL. A lot.

One, he was fun as hell to watch on the field, and two, he always made some kind of impression when he was off it.

So it was VERY cool to see him show up outside Sunday night’s Seahawks game going Beast Mode on a little meat and hanging out with the fans…

Beast Mode chillin in #hawkalley before tonight’s game.

Marshawn Lynch just chilling downtown in slippers & socks.

OMGAWD this happened yesterday when walking to the Stadium. . .he was casually walking down the street, made my entire year!!

skittles and chicken wings!!

Marshawn saw his opportunity and he took it.

He also showed up in the souvenir shop…

Just #marshawnlynch inside #Seahawks @seahawksproshop #beastmode.

And crashed the sidelines…

Got to see #beastmode sneak on to the field for #snf . Part of me wished he had been suited up to play. Glad we got the win anyway.

Damn, I miss this guy.