ESPN’s Darren Rovell Went Full Darren Rovell After Marvin Jones Jr Announced That He And His Wife Are About To Open A Cake Shop

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Everyone has that *one* obnoxious friend who loves to rain on everyone’s parade when everyone’s all excited about something. The Debbie Downer who says “that will never last” when his friend gets engaged. The person who orders a lettuce wrap while telling everyone they shouldn’t order cheeseburgers. The dude who brings up a particularly heavy piece of news in the middle of a lighthearted conversation about last night’s game.

Today, on Twitter, ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell is *that guy*. Detroit Lions wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr. announced on Twitter that his wife is opening a Nothing Bundt Cakes location in Troy, Michigan. Such an announcement signifies an exciting, celebratory moment for any business owner, especially one setting out on a new endeavor. So of course Rovell went full JARVIS on the NFL wide receiver and his wife. Rather than a simple, human “congratulations!” or “nice work!” or “good luck!”, Rovell used his platform to go full B-school on the wide receiver with a tone-deaf wag-of-the-finger breaking down the particulars of franchisee ownership.

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Marvin didn’t like this… neither did a lot of people….

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Just be a human, Darren. People like that. Breath in air, enjoy the taste of cake, have a laugh. Try not to be a pontificating Twitter robot. No one likes that, ESPECIALLY when you’re talking about the bundt cake business. They’re damn enjoyable.

Best of luck, Marvin and family.