Maryland Lacrosse Player Named ‘Rambo’ Absolutely Obliterates Johns Hopkins Goalie

When your name is “Rambo,” people expect you to blow shit up. On Saturday, Maryland lacrosse player Matt Rambo did not disappoint. With a minute left in the national semifinal clash, he absolutely leveled Johns Hopkins goaltender Eric Schneider.

But Rambo didn’t just bring the boom, the Maryland player lead his team to victory by scoring four goals in the NCAA Division I tournament semifinal. The sniper netted two goals in a span of less than three minutes to break a 10-10 tie. His sixth-seeded Terps went on to a 12-11 win. Maryland will now face No. 4 Denver in the championship game on Monday, their third title game in five years.

“I would give all the credit to my other teammates around me on the offensive end there,” Rambo said. “They were creating opportunities for me to get open off the crease when I was popping off. So I would give all the credit to them, and I was just finding spots and holes that I could just fill myself in.”

This is not surprising since Rambo led Maryland in goals (38) and points (56) this year.

But that hit doe.