Mason Rudolph’s Lawyer Implies They May Sue Myles Garrett For Defamation Over N-Word Allegations

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Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph may explore legal action against Myles Garrett for continuing to accuse of him of using a racial slur during their on-field altercation last season.

During an ESPN interview with Mina Kimes last week, Garrett claims Rudolph called him a “stupid n-word” which led to him swing a helmet at the Steelers QB.

Rudolph immediately fired back at Garrett on Twitter by calling him a liar.

Rudolph’s attorney Tim Younger took it a step further and claims Garrett “exposed” himself to “legal liability” during his recent interview with ESPN in a statement.

It’ll be interesting to see if Garrett continues talking about the Rudolph situation now that there could be legal ramifications but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.