Kayak Fisherman Is Circled By An Absolutely Massive Great White Shark In Nor-Cal And Films The Encounter

Kayak Fisherman Gets Circled By an Absolutely Massive Great White Shark In Nor-Cal And Films The Encounter

iStockphoto / Alessandro De Maddalena

For adventure seekers and outdoorsmen seeking to have a close encounter with a great white shark, there are a few places in the world to mark on the map that will offer up the best chances.

In the Summer months, when water temperatures are warmer a few of the best places to see them are Cape Cod on the East Coast and both the Baja Peninsula and Northern California on the West Coast. There are always close encounters and tours where you can pay a guide to put you in a shark cage in chummed up water that will draw sharks in nearby. Or you can just go out fishing and hope to run into a great white shark like this close encounter below.

These two videos from the ‘Fisherman’s Chronicles’ YouTube channel were uploaded recently. The angler was kayak fishing in Northern California when he was approached by a truly massive great white shark that then circled his kayak for a while. During the close and eery encounter, he was able to film the slow-moving shark to give us a sense of just how truly massive this shark is. It’s practically the size of a Volkswagen bus!

Kayak fisherman in Northern California is circled by a massive Great White Shark.

Here is the first of two videos showing the close encounter with the great white shark. This one gives an underwater view of the shark as well as showing the overhead view as it circles the kayak fisherman:

And here is the second video that gives an equally impressive look at how enormous this great white is in Nor-Cal:

Staying calm at that moment can’t be easy.

We can’t anthropomorphize the shark and try to determine what it was doing. To me, it seems like the calm great white was naturally curious about the kayaker and came close to investigate.

But it’s an animal and has no way of communicating what it’s real intentions were. For all we know there could’ve been a bigger shark in the area and this great white was circling the kayaker to protect it similarly to how whales have been observed doing in the wild.

The kayaker kept his calm with the massive great white investigating his presence and ultimately the shark went about its business. Nobody lost their cool. There was no panic. All’s well that ends well, right? Let this be a lesson of how to respond should you ever find yourself in that situation.

Other recent encounters with Great White Sharks.

It seems like this Summer has been particularly active on the shark front. At the end of July, the first-ever footage of orca whales eating a great white was released. The phenomenon had been observed before (after the fact) but never until now had it been seen like this:

And this was an older clip that resurfaced but it sure is a good one. This diver got covered in great white poop while inside a diving cage:

Did he really have to taste it? Why? Keep your mouth closed!

Here is another encounter from April:

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