Even Master P Is Calling Out Kobe Bryant, Claims He Could Beat Him 1-On-1

Life is tough for Kobe Bryant right now. The Los Angeles Lakers are a pitiful basketball team, and the former star is leading the team in scoring, averaging only 15.2 points a night. Downright terrible.

Seems like everyone is taking digs at Kobe these days urging him to hang ’em up, while conveniently forgetting that Bryant basically dominated the league for more than a decade prior to his fall from grace AND he’s making a cool $25 million this year to play on a shitty basketball team.

Even Master P is firing shots, recently telling TMZ that he could beat the once prodigious shooting guard 1-on-1.

Really, Master P? Gonna come at Kobe’s neck like that!? Just forget everything he did for the city of Los Angeles?

I mean, I remember when you showed off that awesome basketball court in an episode of MTV Cribs like 15 years ago, but you really think you could go toe-to-toe with the Black Mamba? Gimme a break, bruh!

Regardless of his recent, sub-par NBA performances, there’s no way that Kobe Bryant wouldn’t run an obviously out-of-shape Master P out of the gym. No way.

[via TMZ]


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