Video Shows Massive Tree Almost Crush Patrons At Augusta National Before Second Round Weather Delay

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One of the many storylines heading into the 2023 edition of The Masters at Augusta National Golf Club was the expected inclement weather.

The forecast projected storms starting Friday and last throughout the weekend that could dramatically affect both the pace and outcome of the tournament.

Thursday’s first round went off without a hitch. As did the first wave of Friday’s second round.

But in the afternoon, weather began to roll in. Around 3 o’clock ET, the horn blew to call a stop to the second round with all of the evening wave of golfers on the course. But that stoppage was quick. The golfers remained at the holes they were playing and returned to action just 20 minutes later.

However, that didn’t last very long.

Just 45 minutes later, the horn blew again to stop the action. This time, the weather was much more severe with significant wind gusts and expected lightning.

Tournament officials and volunteers worked as quickly as possible to get both players and patrons off the course. But it was almost too late.

Just prior to the round stopping, video showed a massive tree to the right of the green at the 15th hole came tumbling down, nearly landing on a number of fans in the area.

Thankfully, it appeared that everyone avoid the tree. But commentators were absolutely horrified as the scene played out.

Though one fan on Twitter seemed to think it would be worth taking the hit if the price was right.

I’d be 100% fine with getting smoked by a tree at Augusta if I got a yearly pass,” @Gossmata58 said.

Others were just amazed by the event and happy that everyone appeared to escape unscathed.

The round was halted for good only moments after. The weather is expected to continue into and potentially throughout Saturday. So it may be a long time before the second round of The Masters is completed.




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