Matt Barnes Didn’t Care For Former NBA Player Casey Jacobsen’s Clippers Thoughts, Told Him To ‘Eat A Dick’

OK, let’s get this out of the way right off the bat.

“Eat a dick” is a terrific and malleable insult. It can be twisted many ways and leaves the target wondering about so many things. See: this great Louis C.K. bit.

The only downside of this zinger is that you have to be careful with how you use it. Most people like to pick their spots, when no one’s around and the person really deserves it.

Los Angeles Clippers forward Matt Barnes did the exact opposite last night when former NBA guard Casey Jacobsen dared to have an opinion on a Clips’ possession.

There you have it. If you played less than three years in the pros, you’re incapable of giving NBA commentary. Or realizing, GASP, Blake Griffin is a better offensive option than journeyman Barnes.

The amazing part here is that Jacobsen didn’t tag Barnes. So was the active player really sifting through the #LACvsSAS hashtag after the game?

Seems like a weird thing to do — especially after a season-saving road victory.

I’ll limit my comments because I don’t need to be the next scrappy white dude Barnes tells to eat penis.

[H/T: @SI_ChrisBallard]