Matt Barnes Shared A Legendary Story About The ‘We Believe’ Warriors Partying With Snoop Dogg To Celebrate A Playoff Upset

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While it appears their reign as the most dominant team in the NBA has decidedly come to a close based on how things currently stand, the Golden State Warriors had one hell of a run over the past few years following a solid decade of mediocrity.

However, there was one lone bright spot during that underwhelming stretch in the form of the 2006-07 squad that was dubbed the “We Believe” Warriors, the eighth-ranked team that sent the Bay Area into a tizzy after managing to upset the top-seeded Mavericks in the first round of the playoffs.

The Warriors had plenty of reasons to celebrate after shocking the world by taking the series home in six games, and as Matt Barnes recently recounted, the team did exactly that in incredibly legendary fashion.

On Thursday, Los Angeles Times columnist Arash Markazi relayed an amazing anecdote Barnes shared with him about what went down after the victory when the Warriors met up with a bunch of celebrities and smoked copious amounts of weed:

“We got up to [Don Nelson’s] penthouse in Lake Merritt and he tells us, ‘Woody’s in the back rolling doobies fellas, go back there. It was Woody [Harrelson] rolling doobies and our coach is telling us to go back there and smoke with him.

Nelly had the whole roof and we go up and there’s Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson, and Snoop. We ended up going out to a club in San Francisco and lived it up after that and then we went back to Snoop’s hotel and blew it down.

There was so much smoke in the room, they came knocking on the door and we were thinking, ‘Oh, damn, here we go.’ They came in, unscrewed the window, opened them up so the smoke went out, asked us if we needed anything and they left the room.

I’d never seen anything like that before. Only Snoop. The legendary Snoop.”

It’s Snoop Dogg’s world and we’re all just living in it.

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