Matt Rhule Spurns Narratives Of Disrespect At Colorado, Says Team Was Praying At Midfield Logo

Matt Rhule walks to midfield after a game against Colorado.

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Nebraska was the target of criticism over the weekend for an apparent display of disrespect before a game against Colorado. Head coach Matt Rhule is denying those claims.

Before kickoff, a number of Cornhusker players met at the Buffs’ midfield logo, to which Shedeur Sanders took offense. The quarterback flashed his luxury watch in the faces of the Nebraska team that surrounded him.

Sanders took that pregame altercation personally, throwing for nearly 400 yards in the Buffaloes’ win. Negative headlines began circulating after the incident with many calling the Huskers out for stirring things up.

Rhule gave a different insight into the midfield interaction on Monday.

His account of the meeting on the logo paints the Buffs in a negative light. He believes that Colorado players are the ones creating a false narrative.

“With every stadium, we go there and pray for blessings,” Matt Rhule said. “When they came over, I asked them, I asked Shedeur if they wanted to pray with us… I’m coaching this team with class, and I’m not changing… I’ve never disrespected an opponent a day in my life, and I never will.”

Fans are completely split on the situation.

CU fans obviously haven’t been swayed.

The Nebraska head coach says that this is something done before every Cornhuskers game, no matter if they play at home or on the road. Colorado players apparently weren’t privy to the practice.

Which side are you on?