Fans Were Surprised To See Matt Stafford Kneeling During The National Anthem Before Thanksgiving Day Game

All season long Lions QB Matt Stafford has been kneeling for the national anthem and has spoken about his reasoning to kneel several times this year as well.

Here’s Stafford talking about kneeling during the first game of the season.

Via Fox News

“Obviously, it’s been an amazing offseason for me personally, for our team, for a lot of people,” Stafford said. “There’s been a great opportunity for growth and learning and understanding, and just felt like it was the right thing for me, as certain guys on our team felt like the right thing was standing, certain guys felt like the right thing for them was being in the locker room. We support each other. We know where everybody stands in our locker room. We love each other and support each other and that’s that.”

Despite his previous comments, fans were still surprised to see Stafford kneel during the anthem during the Lions Thanksgiving day game.

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