Matthew McConaughey Gave The Texas Longhorns An Awesome Motivational Speech Before Their Upset Win Vs Notre Dame

On Sunday night, the Texas Longhorns beat the No. 10-ranked Notre Dame in Austin, Texas on Sunday night in what is the biggest win for UT in quite some time.

Before the game, University of Texas alum and Academy Award winner, Matthew McConaughey, gave the team an amazing motivational speech before their showdown against the Fighting Irish.

Work ethic will eliminate fear…”

“So don’t try and say you’re not nervous if you are. Use those nerves. You ought to have some butterflies.”

“So don’t come out of Sunday night saying ‘I wish I woulda-coulda,’ ‘If I was only a little quicker, man. I was kinda, kinda scared. Uh-uh.”

“The worst thing you can do is to have one hesitation and not be ready mentally for Sunday night that you will regret for the rest of your life.”