Matthew Stafford’s Wife Kelly Rips The NFL To Shreds Over Handling Of Her Husband’s False-Positive Coronavirus Test

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Matthew Stafford’s wife Kelly is not happy with the NFL right now

On August 1st the Detroit Lions’ starting quarterback went on the team’s injury reserve/COVID-19 list. Stafford had been the highest-profile player to go on the list this week.

Today, the Lions announced that Stafford had a false-positive result for Covid-19 and was taking him off th list immediatel.

Unfortunately for the Staffords, everyone assumed Matthew had tested positive for Coronavirus after the NFL announced they were putting him on the Covid-19 IR list which led to the family getting harassed in their everyday life.

Kelly Stafford took to Instagram to blast the NFL for their handling of the situation and putting her family in an awkward position for four days.