Matthew Stafford Was Mic’d Up During The Reversed Pass Interference Call, Congratulates The Refs For Being Idiots

The NFL captured on-field conversations and comments from key players on the Cowboys and Lions during last week’s Wild Card game. As luck would have it, those conversations picked up included the controversial pass interference call that was reversed. You remember that play, right? It was the gaff that ultimately changed the course of the entire game. That ring a bell? No? Well, take my word for it. It happened and it was brutal for Lions fans the world over.

One of the players Mic’d Up was Detroit Lions quarterback, Matthew Stafford. As you probably already imagined, he was NOT pleased when the refs picked up the flag on that particular play. He let them know it by basically congratulating them for being a gaggle of dipshits.

It was a decent reaction, but kind of a tame. Certainly more tame than any of the heavy petting Chris Christie and Jerry Jones partook in.

Young love is so goddamn beautiful.

[H/T Next Impulse Sports]