Kelly Stafford Walks (Runs) Back Comments About Husband Matthew’s Teammates

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As a general rule, a celebrity’s significant other making public negative comments about said celebrity’s coworkers is rarely a good thing.

That fact is exacerbated when said celebrity is the wildly famous star quarterback of an NFL franchise.

And so when the wife of 33-year-old Matthew Stafford went on her podcast last week and talked about how her husband can’t relate to his younger teammates, it went about as well as you’d imagine.

“It’s kind of crazy. So Matthew’s been in the league a long time. He’s like ‘The difference in the locker room has changed so significantly.’ They have a lot of rookies on their team, they’re very young. But he’s like ‘I feel like I can’t connect,” Kelly Stafford said of her husband’s experience at training camp.

“In the old days, you’d come out of practice, you’d shower, and people would be playing cards, interacting… But now they get out of practice, and meetings during training camp, and they go straight to their phones. They say ‘Sir’ to him and s—. He’s like ‘No, we’re on the same level here, we’re both playing in the league. Let me get to know you.’”

Now, on it’s face that’s not really so bad. And it’s even a reasonable thing for Stafford to deal with. But it’s probably something that’s best kept between he and his wife.

Especially after a season in which Stafford played in just nine games, threw just 10 touchdowns, and chucked eight interceptions.

Well, fast forward a week and Kelly is back in the public spotlight. But this time, she’s throwing it in reverse.

“That was tough. I say all the time, probably not the best if your wife’s name is in the media, if it’s talking about sports,” she told Local 4 in Detroit.

“I felt pretty bad last week,” she added. “I put my foot in my mouth pretty good last week.”

Kelly did make one mistake, however. She doubled down on her comments. Though she said she can’t say for sure whether they’re true.

“But I’m not in an NFL locker room, I’m not spending every day with these teammates,” she said.

Maybe just stop giving interviews for the foreseeable future?