This Dude Travels The Globe And Jumps Off The World’s Tallest Mountains While Extreme Ski-BASE Jumping

Extreme Ski-BASE Jumping combines two already extreme sports into one. It combines BASE Jumping, which is jumping off the side of a tall mountain while wearing a parachute and pulling the ripcord at the last possible moment with extreme downhill skiing. On the surface, this makes sense. It enables these extreme athletes to jump from the summits of the tallest mountains in the world. Instead of landing halfway down the mountain after pulling their parachutes and then having to walk their asses down the mountains they’re wearing skis, and they can ski all the way down to the base. But, when you take a step back and look at this sport you realize that it’s nothing short of insane.

I’ve covered Ski-BASE Jumping a lot over the years here on BroBible partially because I’m fascinated by what drives these crazy athletes to jump off the tallest mountains in the world and partially because I’m waiting for the day when one of these dudes actually gets run over by an avalanche.

Here’s a clip of Matthia Giraud outrunning an avalanche:

Matthias Giraud (aka ‘Super Frenchie’) is one of the best-known Ski-BASE jumpers in the world and he recently sat down with Great Big Story (video above) to tell his tale, the story of what drives him to travel the world and risk his life on every jump.