Max Kellerman And Damien Woody Get Heated After Kellerman Says Mason Rudolph ‘Pursued’ Fight With Myles Garrett


An ugly brawl took place on ‘Thursday Night Football’ when Myles Garrett swung a helmet at QB Mason Rudolph’s head at the end of the game.

While everyone agrees that Myles Garrett should be suspended for his actions many are also pointing out that Mason Rudolph instigated the fight by pulling on Garrett’s helmet while on the ground.

Early this morning on First Take, ESPN’s Max Kellerman went in on Mason Rudolph for starting the fight.

Mason Rudolph should be suspended a game, he was the one who started the fight tried to take Myles Garrett’s helmet off, then when Myles Garrett is being restrained by two of Mason Rudolph’s teammates Mason Rudolph without his helmet charges Myles Garrett.

Later in the program, Damien Woody took exception to Kellerman’s take on the Garrett-Rudolph situation and they both got into a heated argument on live TV.

Max, I’ve been hearing this whole argument from you this whole morning and I want to set the record straight on this, when you’re talking about taking off a helmet that’s where everything stops, the fact that Myles Garrett stripped the man of his helmet and used the helmet as a weapon, Max do you understand what could have happened in this situation, because what I’m hearing from you is a bunch of whataboutism, Max we’re talking about someone who could have been killed or seriously injured.

Update: Despite all the debate about who started the fight, Mason Rudolph did not get suspended by the NFL.

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