Max Scherzer Pulled Off A Feat MORE RARE Than A Perfect Game, And It’s The Second Time He’s Done It

Max Scherzer

Getty Image / Mitchell Layton

Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer is off to the hottest start of his already incredible career. At age 33, he’s already amassed nearly 2,300 strikeouts, 151 wins, and a career ERA average of 3.24. This season, Scherzer has a 10-1 record and is rocking a 1.95 ERA with 133 strikeouts through 13 games started (87.2 IP). He’s on fire, and luckily for your dude, I’ve got him as a keeper on my Fantasy Baseball team and I plan on riding his coattails to the playoffs once again this year.

Max Scherzer has thrown two no-hitters so far in his career (June 20 and October 3, 2015), he’s won the Cy Young award three times, but last night he pulled off a feat EVEN RARER than a perfect game: he threw an immaculate inning. Scherzer struck out three batters on 9 pitches, and what’s even crazier is this is the SECOND TIME in his career that he’s pulled this off.

Ryan Spaeder (@theaceofspaeder) is a baseball statistician/analyst and he ran the numbers on Scherzer’s perfect inning to find out that it’s even rarer than a perfect game:

Again, this is the second time in Max’s career that he’s pulled this off. The first time was last season (May 14, 2017). Last night’s immaculate inning came against the Tampa Bay Rays because OF COURSE it did, they’re a team who always seems to be on the business side of a no-hitter at least once a season.

Scherzer currently has the 3rd best ERA in the major leagues behind DeGrom (1.49) and Verlander (1.24), but he’s leading the league in Wins (10) and Strikeouts (133). It will certainly be interesting to see if he or Verlander loses pace in the Cy Young Award chase first.

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