Max Scherzer Playing Catch With This Young Mets Fan Is About As Big A Bro Move As You’ll See


Huge Bro move here by Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer last night, before his squad faced off against the New York Mets at Citi Field.

Though he wasn’t scheduled to pitch what eventually turned out to be a 7-1 win for Washington, the Nats’ ace still took time to warm up before the game. Except it was with a kid Mets fan hanging out in the stands. All rivalries aside, this is some dreams coming true kinda stuff.

Playing catch with a Cy Young winner? Just unreal, and surely a memory this kid will never forget.

Funny enough, Bryce Harper also treated another youngster to something special when security tried to confiscate a bat he’d secured after it flew into the stands.

Even in enemy territory at Citi Field, it’s like the Natonals make the rules.

Class acts. Good on you, Bros.

[h/t For The Win]