McKinney, Texas Is Planning To Build A $62.8 Million High School Football Stadium, Yes, High School

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For some reason there are people in the city of McKinney, Texas who don’t think that building a $62.8 million, 12,000 seat football stadium for a high school is a wise move.

I can’t imagine why they would be against such a thing. Oh yeah, because it’s utterly insane, that’s why.

But apparently since this is in Texas it makes perfect sense because it won’t even be the only ridiculously-priced high school football stadium down there.

According to USA Today, this stadium will barely cost more than two other high school football stadiums in the area.

At $62.8 million, the total would be more than the $60 million that Allen spent for Eagle Stadium, which is an 18,000-seat stadium. It also would be more than the $62.5 million that Katy is spending for its stadium scheduled to open in 2017. Construction is ongoing.

So there will be three HIGH SCHOOL football stadiums in the area that each cost more than $60 million. Does that seem off to anyone but me?

Oh, there will also be an “events center” at the location that could possibly be used for things like reunions, banquets and other events? Oh well, then it all makes perfect sense now.

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