Megan Rapinoe’s World Cup Goal Pose Has Become An A+ Meme To Celebrate All Sorts Of Everyday Accomplishments

Megan Rapinoes World Cup Goal Pose Has Become A Great Meme

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When Megan Rapinoe (no, the other one, Mr. Trump) celebrated scoring a goal in the match versus France on June 28th, helping the USWNT to advance to the semi-finals in the World Cup, the pose she struck almost immediately went viral.

When asked about it Monday on Good Morning America by Robin Roberts, Rapinoe replied, “You’re sort of on the stage, so I guess I’m looking at myself as a performer and trying to entertain. It’s sort of a funny playful pose and we’re always looking for good celebrations, so this one stuck a little.”

It has indeed “stuck” as Rapinoe’s goal celebration pose has now been turned into a fantastic new meme going viral on the internet as people are using the photo to celebrate all of their far less noteworthy everyday accomplishments.

I am definitely feeling this one…

I think we can all relate to this one…

And, well, pretty much all of these…

Rapinoe’s goal celebration pose has also inspired several other excellent tweets and comparisons.

So good. Kickoff for the U.S. vs. England in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup semifinals take places at 3 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

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